On-chain Risk Analyzes
and Early Warning Platform

Real-time monitoring and flagging of risky crypto assets,
Protecting current and future users from on-chain fraud and theft.

Risk Level

We provide address risk levels to help assess the likelihood of an address being associated with illegal activity, specifically, an address will fall into one of the 5 categories:

Risk Level Description
No Risk Almost impossible to be associated with illegal activities
Low Risk The low possibility of being associated with illegal activities
Medium Risk The medium probability of being associated with illegal activities
High Risk High probability of being associated with illegal activities
Critical Risk Those who are involved in illegal activities

Note that the risk level are provided for reference only and do not constitute any investment advice.

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{ API }

We are backed by over 1 billion address labels, backed by millions of malicious address labels and risk data.

    "chainType": "ERC20",
    "address": "0xc8a65fadf0e0ddaf421f28feab69bf6e2e589963",
    "risk": "Critical",
    "tip": "This address is reported to be involved in a PolyNetwork exploit.",
    "relatedUrl": "https://twitter.com/PolyNetwork2/status/1425073987164381196",
    "publicNameTag": "PolyNetwork Exploiter 1",
    "labels": [

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Our Partners

We work with world-leading compliance service providers and Anti-Money Laundering organizations to make the crypto world a better place.

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